Atlas 2 Rail O Scale C425 Alco Road number 2454

# 2313-1
Atlas 2 Rail O Scale C425 Alco Road number  2454

NOTE: ROAD NUMBER IS 2454 NOT AS SHOWN IN PHOTO:: New in Factory Packaging ATLAS 2313-1, Erie-Lackawanna #2454. This handsomely detailed model is a replica of the prototype built in the early 1960s. ALCo's Century locomotives could be found in service on many railroads across the country, and can still be found running on several short lines today. * FEATURES INCLUDE: Correct body styling for the road name * All metal handrails and stanchions and grab irons * Detailed die-cast AAR type B trucks * Directional golden-white LED headlights * Separately-applied details includes: door handles, windshield wipers, brake chain, m.u. hoses, etc. * Die-cast chassis, fuel tank and pilots * Dual flywheel-equipped motors * Exquisite painting and lettering * Selectable green or white LED classification lights * Operating dual exhaust * * Minimum Radius Curve - 36" (2 rail) o EOB Speed Control Technology featuring selectable 32 or 128 speed steps. lights Ready Features Include: o All wheels insulated with 8 wheel pick-up o DCC Ready o Die-cast scale magnetic couplers

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